Extending the value of your TMG infrastructure

Celestix is committed to supporting Microsoft TMG migration 2010 until 2023, and can help you to make an orderly and strategic transition by providing TMG migration options when you are ready.

As most of the Microsoft world knows by now, Microsoft’s® Threat Management Gateway 2010® (TMG) solution has been declared a sunsetted product. This implies that while Microsoft is still committed to supporting the product and the TMG migration customers through its mainstream support channels until April 2015, Microsoft will not be releasing any future major updates or revisions to the product overall.

Celestix Networks, the world’s largest Microsoft security OEM appliance partner is pleased to announce several options for current TMG migration 2010 customers to ensure that your investment remains viable. And we are here to support you and your installations, regardless of how TMG 2010 is installed in your infrastructure.

TMG migration Product Capabilities: A Quick Reviews

As most of you are aware, Microsoft’s TMG migration 2010 is a secure web gateway solution that provides unified threat management functions and remote access. Most commonly, TMG 2010 is deployed to provide remote access via a web reverse proxy or client-based VPN. It also acts as a web forward proxy to protect users from malicious web sites and downloads, or as an internal screening firewall.

Most of our customers have deployed TMG migration 2010 to protect internal web applications, such as Exchange email services, Sharepoint, or other web based applications. More often than not, TMG 2010 has been an extremely stable product and requires minimal maintenance.

Celestix Support Options

Celestix offers three support options for current TMG migration 2010 users. These options are for customers, regardless of how they have deployed TMG, to ensure they have the necessary support channels available to them.

Option 1: Migrate to the Celestix MSA Appliance Series

The first option is to migrate your existing solution to Celestix’s MSA solution. This option is to simply replace your existing TMG migration solution with our own appliance and management solution. Migration to Celestix hardware brings a few advantages:

  • You will be running TMG migration on a current hardware platform that will be supported under Celestix’s support agreements. You could be replacing aging hardware at the same time, thereby leading to increased uptime and end-user satisfaction.
  • Your new hardware appliance and TMG migration installation will be covered under our support channels until 2020, as long as you are under a current Celestix maintenance agreement.
  • The new appliance hardware can be upgraded for our Cloud Edge Security solution running Windows Server 2012 R2, when you are ready to migrate and take advantage of the new capabilities in Server 2012.

Option 2: Scale out existing deployments

The second option for TMG migration 2010 customers is to scale out current deployments with our appliance solutions, thereby providing a more controlled migration to our hardware. For example, if you have deployed TMG migration 2010 on physical hardware or in a virtual infrastructure, you can add our appliances to the arrays with no concern for downtime or incompatibilities.

Option 3: Purchase a software-only support agreement

Celestix does offer maintenance agreements for organizations that only need to support the TMG migration 2010 software only, and are not looking to replace hardware at this time. It is important to note that Celestix will not provide any software or code updates to the TMG software, and only act in a support capacity to troubleshoot and resolve issues with existing configurations and deployments.

UPDATED (Jan 1, 2023) :  Celestix EdgeNexus’ load balancer and ADC products offer all the features a company needs to replace the defenses provided by TMG migration, with easy-to-use rule-based implementation and management.

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