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5 Important Things You Need to Know About DirectAccess

One of the most popular workloads delivered by the Celestix E Series Appliance is DirectAccess. DirectAccess provides secure, seamless and transparent, always-on, remote corporate network access for Windows based managed clients. There are many important facets to consider when planning a DirectAccess implementation, but before you get started, here is a list of the 5 most important things you should know.

1. Designed for Managed Systems – DirectAccess is an amazing remote access technology, but it does not provide comprehensive coverage for all clients. It is specifically targeted at domain-joined Windows clients. To support remote access for non-managed clients, enable the client-based VPN features of the Celestix Cloud Edge Security Appliance.

2. Requires Enterprise SKU – Not only does DirectAccess require that clients be joined to the domain, those clients must also be Enterprise edition. Windows 7 Ultimate edition is also supported. This is an important installation prerequisite. Don’t overlook it!

3. Relies on IPv6 – Yes, you read that correctly. DirectAccess utilizes IPv6 from the client to the server exclusively. Don’t panic though! Deploying IPv6 on your corporate network is not required to support DirectAccess. Celestix E Series Appliance includes protocol translators that allow the DirectAccess client to communicate with all on-premises IPv4 resources.

4. Supports Bi-Directional Connectivity – In some deployment scenarios, bi-directional connectivity can also be configured for DirectAccess. This allows administrators to initiate outbound communication from on-premises systems to remote connected DirectAccess clients. This can be useful for remote systems management and conducting proactive vulnerability scans, for example.

5. Easy to Use – DirectAccess is amazingly easy to use! Users access on-premises data and applications the same way, regardless of where they are. This means that application shortcuts and access to mapped drives can be accessed at any time, without having to log on to the VPN first.

DirectAccess is a paradigm shift in the way secure remote access is delivered to managed clients. The user experience is fantastic, and administrators benefit from improved manageability. For the best experience, leverage the Celestix E Series Appliance platform and deploy DirectAccess with confidence. It’s definitely a win-win solution!


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