Celestix SecureAccess Appliance Supported Workloads

The Celestix SeucreAccess Appliance is based on Windows Server 2012 R2 and delivers the Unified Remote Access role on a dedicated, purpose-built advanced hardware appliance platform. Celestix SeucreAccess greatly simplifies the installation, configuration, and deployment of remote access technologies for organizations leveraging the Celestix platform.

Celestix SeucreAccess Appliance includes a variety of essential remote access roles to address the specific needs of organizations large and small. It provides comprehensive remote access using technologies designed for a wide variety of diverse remote platforms and devices.

  • DirectAccess – Designed exclusively for managed Windows clients (domain-joined), DirectAccess provides seamless and transparent, always on remote access. DirectAccess can be configured to provide bi-directional connectivity, allowing administrators to “manage out” to their connected devices. DirectAccess requires no additional client-side software and all settings are managed via Active Directory Group Policy Objects (GPOs). Clients access on-premises corporate applications and data in the same way regardless if they are inside the office or remote.
  • Client-based VPN – To provide access for non-managed clients, Celestix SeucreAccess also supports client-based VPN. Using traditional remote access protocols such as IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP, a broad range of Windows and non-Windows platforms can access on-premises resources securely.Multiple-Scenarios
  • Site-to-Site VPN – The Celestix SeucreAccess can also be used to establish cross-premises network connectivity using site-to-site VPN. Common uses cases include connecting a local datacenter to a public cloud hosting provider like Microsoft Azure or enabling branch office connectivity for remote locations.
  • Web Application Proxy – Publishing internal web-based applications is made possible with the Web Application Proxy (role). WAP can be used to publish popular applications like Outlook Web Access (OWA), SharePoint, and Lync. WAP is not limited exclusively to publishing Microsoft applications. Any third-party or line-of-business application that is web-based can be securely published using WAP.
  • Remote Desktop Gateway – For organizations that have a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), the Remote Desktop Gateway feature of Celestix Edge Appliance can simplify the process of providing secure access to VDI for remote users. The Remote Desktop Gateway provides ubiquitous, firewall-friendly access using SSL and TLS.
  • Workplace Join/Work Folders – To address the unique requirements for secure data synchronization device management for non-managed Windows PCs 7 and 8 PCs and iPads, the Workplace Join and Work Folders features can be implemented. Workplace Join enables device registration used to enforce conditional access to on-premises applications and data. Work Folders functions similar to popular online file storage services like OneDrive and Dropbox. However, Work Folders uses a corporate file server as the data source, ensuring corporate administrators retain full control of the data at all times.

Designed to meet the remote access requirements for organizations of all sizes, the Celestix SeucreAccess Appliance can be implemented to consolidate remote access platforms and reduce costs. It also provides unique, Celestix-proprietary features that enhance troubleshooting and monitoring remote access connectivity.

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