Introducing Celestix SecureAccess Appliance 2.0 for Increased Security

For nearly a decade, Celestix Networks has specialized in making critical Microsoft edge security and remote access workloads easier to configure, implement, and manage. A key component to achieve this goal on our advanced hardware appliance platform is Comet, the web-based management console. Comet presents an easy-to-use consolidated management interface that allows administrators to configure and manage the appliance from any machine with a web browser.

Celestix SecureAccess Appliance 2.0

Celestix recently announced a complete overhaul of the Celestix SecureAccess Appliance (previously CESA). Celestix SecureAccess comes with the all new Comet 2.0 web-based management console, that has been completely rewritten using HTML 5, making it cross-platform friendly and enabling remote management using any browser on any device. After logging in, the first thing you’ll notice is the clean intuitive layout.

The main dashboard features at-a-glance system information and vital statistics, such as appliance version, current memory utilization, system up time, and more. You can also quickly and easily shutdown or restart the appliance right from the main screen. Links on the dashboard provide instant access to appliance configuration, system settings, and status information. Convenient drop-down menus provide easy navigation from anywhere in the Comet interface.

Remote Access ‘Kill Switch’

The Remote Access Dashboard has been updated to provide an instant view of current DirectAccess and VPN connections. New in this release is a ‘kill switch’ feature that allows an administrator to proactively terminate a remote access session at any time. The feature includes several options, including:

  • Reset Connection – A connection can be reset at any time, forcing the connected client to re establish the connection. This is useful in troubleshooting scenarios.
  • Disable Connection – When a connection is disabled, the client’s computer account in Active Directory is disabled at the same time, preventing the client from re establishing a connection. This is useful for scenarios in which a client has become infected with malware. Once the client has been remediated, its computer account in Active Directory can be enabled and the client will re establish remote network connectivity.
  • Remove Connection – When a connection is removed, the client’s computer account in Active Directory is deleted, permanently preventing the client from establishing a connection. This is useful for scenarios in which a client device is lost or stolen.

The new Comet 2.0 web-based management console provides administrators with a highly intuitive and easy to navigate management interface, that will streamline configuration and management significantly.

If you’d like to see more of the new interface, be sure to check out our video demonstration now! You can also call us on 510.668.0700 or email [email protected] to learn more.

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