Microsoft Forefront TMG and UAG Licensing after Product End-of-Life

Recently I’ve seen a lot of discussion across various online forums about licensing challenges for Microsoft Forefront TMG and UAG 2010. As you most likely know, these products have been deprecated since Microsoft formally announced their end of life a few years ago. Complicating things for many organizations is the fact that Microsoft stopped selling Forefront TMG and UAG licenses shortly after they announced the end of life. However, for many, TMG and UAG are still the best choice for their edge security and remote access needs. Without proper licensing, many are seeking key generators (keygen) or crack codes for their TMG or UAG implementation.

Using keygens or crack codes is not only illegal, it’s dangerous. Fortunately, Celestix Networks, as a Microsoft OEM partner, is still selling both Forefront TMG and UAG! That’s right, you can still purchase both solutions legally from Celestix Networks now, and for many years to come. In addition, Celestix offers many support options for both TMG and UAG solutions.

As both products are approaching the end of mainstream support (April 2015), support options with Microsoft will become limited. Celestix is still offering dedicated support for TMG and UAG which includes escalation to Microsoft, if required. Celestix support customers won’t have to purchase a costly Microsoft Premier Support contract in order to maintain support for TMG and UAG.

 For more information about the Celestix MSA featuring Forefront TMG 2010, click here. For Celestix WSA featuring Forefront UAG 2010, click here.

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