Simplify Remote Access Deployment for Your Physical and Virtual Environments

Celestix SecureAccess is a comprehensive remote access solution designed to simplify the deployment of Windows-based remote access technologies. Organizations that deploy Celestix SecureAccess for their remote access needs will find a solution that provides the best and most secure remote access experience by taking advantage of the unique capabilities of each supported client platform. Blog - Simplify Remote Access Deployment

Supported Remote Access Scenarios

Celestix SecureAccess solution supports the following secure remote access scenarios.

DirectAccess for Managed Windows Clients – DirectAccess leverages existing Windows platform technologies to provide seamless and transparent, always-on, bi-directional remote access for corporate-managed Windows devices. DirectAccess clients must be deployed using the Enterprise SKU (Windows 7 Ultimate is also supported) and must be domain-joined. Client configuration is performed exclusively using Active Directory Group Policy, making client provisioning as simple as adding a computer account to a security group. DirectAccess allows remote clients to access on-premises resources in the same way they do inside the corporate network. This streamlined, familiar access improves productivity and reduces help desk support costs.

SecureAccess client extends DirectAccess experience for roaming users even for Windows Professional editions and Mac OSX computers.

Client-Based VPN for Non-Managed Clients – To provide support for non-managed clients, the E Series platform also includes traditional VPN access using protocols such as IKEv2, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP. Supported VPN clients are available natively in Windows and most other desktop and mobile operating systems.

Web Application Proxy (WAP) for Application Publishing – Often it is desirable to simply provide remote access to an application individually as opposed to providing low-level network connectivity for remote users. The E Series WAP functionality allows organizations to securely publish on-premises web-based applications such as Exchange Outlook Web App (OWA) and SharePoint quickly and easily.

Remote Desktop Gateway – Many organizations have chosen to implement a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution to address the diverse requirements for secure remote access to internal applications and services.  The E Series enables secure remote access to on-premises VDI deployments using firewall-friendly transports and provides improved performance over earlier releases.

Site-to-Site VPN – Organizations can deploy the E Series to enable cross-premises network connectivity to public cloud providers or to establish secure remote branch office connectivity.

Hardware Appliance

The Celestix SecureAccessE Series is delivered on our advanced hardware appliance platform and ensures the best security and performance for remote access deployments. The E Series is a dedicated, purpose-built hardware platform that features a certified configuration with predictable performance. It is available in a variety of models to meet the needs of organizations large and small. The E Series greatly simplifies the deployment and ongoing management for corporate remote access. It also includes features that ease the configuration and monitoring for remote access such as a proprietary web-based management console, interactive drill-down reporting, streamlined client troubleshooting, and proactive session management.

Virtual Edition

Many organizations today are moving away from hardware-based devices and instead are deploying only virtualized solutions. To address these needs, Celestix has introduced a virtual edition of their popular E Series appliance platform. The V Series is available as a software download that will automatically configure an existing virtual machine as a Celestix E Series appliance. The V Series includes all of the same features provided by the hardware appliance versions including. In addition, the V Series is fully supported by Celestix global support.

While the V series doesn’t provide the same predictable performance of our dedicated, purpose-built hardware appliances, it can be an effective alternative to deploying hardware for many small to mid-sized organizations.

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