Celestix Federated VA Series Simplifies AD FS Deployment for Office 365 in Your Virtualized Environment

flowmon a kemp company logoFederation is becoming a critical component of our infrastructure in a cloud connected world.  Federation provides many benefits, with primarily providing the ability to leverage your on-premises credentials for your disconnected applications.

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) is Microsoft’s implementation of the common federation protocols for authentication to cloud, partner, and perhaps even on-premises applications.  The biggest application it is used for, is without a doubt, Office 365 and Azure AD.   Celestix ADFS

As a result, many IT organizations have implemented AD FS to support the business and security requirements.  However, AD FS is a complex tool, and understanding service health or reporting on user activity is burdensome at best.

Celestix Federated solution simplifies AD FS deployments with reporting and audit capabilities. It is designed to deploy on either existing AD FS servers running Windows Server 20102 R2, or onto new AD FS farm deployments.

Most organizations have either implemented their own AD FS infrastructure (starting with Windows 2003 Server), and have upgraded it along the way, but often have treated it as a service that sort of binds applications and users today.  Organizations just expect federation to work, but often have limited insight, skills, or experience in managing AD FS.

New or Upgraded AD FS Deployments

Whether you have an existing deployment, or have AD FS based on a legacy version of Windows Server, the Celestix Federated solution provides immediate benefits.  Our recently announced Celestix Federated VA series is designed to easily “lay over” your existing AD FS implementation, and provide you with insight into the operations and health of your infrastructure. Most importantly, we can help address and provide insight into user issues, such as invalid login attempts, bad passwords, and more.

The Celestix Federated VA Series simply installs on any AD FS implementation running on Windows Server 2012 R2, and does not modify or change any existing configuration or trusts.  If you are looking to upgrade to AD FS 3.0 on 2012 R2, we can help with that as well. The Celestix Federated can be installed on one member of the AD FS farm, or an all members, during the evaluation period.

New Installations of AD FS

If you are considering or evaluating federation services, Celestix Federated Series solution is simple to install and configure.  For Office 365 deployments, we provide all the tools and steps in an easy to use wizard that will configure all the necessary components.

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at (510) 668-0700 for a live demo, trial license, pricing for Celestix Edge VA Series.


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