Microsoft DirectAccess – The New Choice of Enterprises over Traditional Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Microsoft DirectAccess is a unique solution designed specifically for managed Windows clients. It is aimed squarely at organizations that need to provide a highly secure remote access alternative to client-based VPN, while simultaneously reducing management and support costs for their field-based assets.

You might think “Why not just use VPN exclusively for my remote access needs?” If strengthening security and cutting down on support costs are your goals, then you are looking at the right solution.

DirectAccess has many compelling benefits over client-based VPN, which can be vital to the objectives of IT organizations across all industry verticals. It has become even more lucrative for enterprises using compatible versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10 to deploy DirectAccess with Windows 10, due to the advanced feature set it offers. So then, how is DirectAccess better than VPN?

VPN is the traditional choice, but it has various drawbacks

  • Complex process of connecting to the corporate network reduces employee productivity, and efficiency
  • Disproportionate amount of IT support work, due to lost security tokens, and it’s a cumbersome login process
  • Users need to learn how to use the VPN software
  • VPN establishes connection on expensive corporate WAN connection

Microsoft DirectAccess more than overcomes those drawbacks

  • Remote users experience full network access as though they are sitting in a corporate office, resulting in greater productivity and reduced helpdesk calls/tickets
  • DirectAccess enables domain joined devices to connect automatically and securely to the corporate network, using an internet connection
  • With DirectAccess, the remote device automatically connects to the network and is identified and authenticated before the user has even logged on
  • DirectAccess provides seamless, transparent, always-on, and bi-directional secure remote access

Advantages of DirectAccess

Increased Security

A DirectAccess client must be joined to the corporate domain, as its Active Directory computer account is used as a part of the authentication process. In addition, the client must also have a computer certificate issued by the organization’s internal private Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). For additional protection, organizations can choose to also integrate existing smart cards (physical or virtual) or a dynamic one-time password (OTP) solution. Thereby providing a high level of assurance that only authorized devices can establish secure remote corporate network connectivity.

Enhanced Compliance

DirectAccess is always on, allowing administrators to exercise a greater degree of control and management of their remote devices. It ensures that remote computers receive regular security updates, thereby decreasing vulnerability to malware attacks and avoiding regulatory compliance problems.

Ease of Use & Reduced Support Costs

DirectAccess provides an unrivaled user experience over VPN. The remote access connection is established securely at the machine level, freeing the end user from the cumbersome process of having to establish a VPN connection when they realize they need it, to access on-premises corporate resources. This makes users more productive, while also reducing potential help desk calls/tickets.

Simplified Provisioning and De-provisioning

Onboarding DirectAccess clients is a simple as adding a computer’s account to a security group in Active Directory. All client configuration settings are applied to the client through Group Policy Objects (GPOs). There is no software to install and maintain on the DirectAccess client.

Reduced Cost on Network Bandwidth

Conserve expensive network bandwidth by using DirectAccess. Unlike VPN that uses corporate WAN, DA routes these connections directly to the internet without using up WAN.

While VPN has been the traditional choice for many years, DirectAccess has now become the preferred solution of many enterprises, spanning the healthcare, government, education, IT, financial and other sectors.

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