Microsoft DirectAccess Boosts Productivity and Security for Government Enterprises

Government and public sector organizations are under continued pressure to improve operational efficiency with a limited budget. Their data is highly sensitive and as such is prone to theft, loss, or misuse. Furthermore, the type of data is diverse, from central policy documents to the personal records of members of the community. This complexity is compounded by the need for these organizations to share data with a broad range of people such as members of the public, employees, contractors and other third party agencies. Handling such diverse data records and managing so many digital identities can be a huge task. Below are the specific IT issues that need to be addressed, in the government organizations.

IT Issues faced by Government / Public Sector

  • Embracing mobility while maintaining the security of the network
  • Complying with regulations for data handling
  • Delivering an improved, simple and consistent remote access experience for workers
  • Providing inter-agency collaboration while safeguarding sensitive data from exposure
  • Controlling access to restricted network zones
  • Leveraging the cloud for scalability, flexibility, and reducing cost with full regulatory compliance

Transformational government initiatives are driving an increase in mobile and remote working as the need to cut costs and re-purpose real estate results in a push to find new ways for staff to work. The emergence of highly portable tablet devices has helped government organizations to resolve many problems related to mobility. Microsoft DirectAccess is not only the natural solution to these issues, but it also provides greater transparency and increased mobility, unparalleled user experience and tighter security.

Celestix Edge DirectAccess for Government

Celestix SecureAccess

Celestix is the only company that offers a performance-tuned, turn-key Microsoft DirectAccess solution – Celestix SecureAccess, with advanced features like proprietary web-based management console, interactive drill-down reporting, streamlined client troubleshooting, and management, expands clients for Microsoft Windows Pro and Mac OSX, which are not available on the Microsoft Server platform. Access to data and resources is provided only from domain joined devices which are maintained in accordance with security policy.

  • DirectAccess and IPsec VPN is CPA certified by CESG (UK government certification)
  • DirectAccess complies with PSN guidelines for mobile working

New to DirectAccess? Watch our DirectAccess introductory video.

Advantages of Celestix SecureAccess for Government / Public sector

Celestix SecureAccess is everything you want, in one physical (E series) or virtual (V series) appliance. You can finally have a worry-free, turnkey and a secure experience with the lowest total cost of ownership, and an installation in under 1 hour.

To provide support for non-managed clients, the Celestix SecureAccess platform also includes traditional VPN access using protocols such as IKEv2, SSTP and L2TP/IPsec. Supported VPN clients are available natively in Windows and most other desktop and mobile operating systems. Below are some very specific areas where using DirectAccess is highly beneficial:

1. Field inspection

Increased efficiency and productivity

Collecting data in the field is a complex process resulting into duplication of efforts when employees have to return to the office to re-enter information. Enabling employees with remote access via DirectAccess to input and access information and all required applications from the field builds productivity and efficiency.

Enhanced security and flexibility

When employees are entering information on paper or transporting data across systems, serious security concerns arise. To prevent security violations, support your mobile agents with uncompromised security in the cloud. Celestix supports cloud-first and G-Cloud cloud-computing initiatives in US and UK respectively by providing secure access between private and public clouds, or multiple cloud providers. Celestix SecureAccess helps establish a secure connection between on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

Reduced costs and higher transparency

When you have a secure, single platform for deploying and managing all devices across your diverse environment, you can get dramatic savings and make your data highly transparent and accessible to the parties you want.

2. Public safety & law enforcement

Mobility and security are top priorities for public safety and justice leaders. DirectAccess can enable first responders, and law enforcement and justice officials to complete crucial missions at any time, any place, with a corporate device.

Intelligence-led policing

DirectAccess provides ability to access tools from Windows-powered devices such as Surface, police and first responders can gather information, collaborate, and communicate in real time.

Enhanced decision making

With Windows-powered devices such as Surface and DirectAccess, agencies can provide their personnel in the field with anytime access to real-time data. This enhances decision making for better service and operational efficiencies.

Faster investigations and case management

Access to real-time data, and virtually anywhere connectivity, speed the investigation process by providing personnel in the field with access to all their files and systems. Windows 7, 8x, and 10 Enterprise and Professional editions, and Mac OSX are DirectAccess ready.

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DirectAccess vs. SecureAccess

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