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12 Reasons Celestix WebFilter is a great alternative to Cisco OpenDNS

1. Support
Support from Celestix is hands on and world class, including contact with a qualified engineer through the entire process – this includes full support during the trial period, migration help and on-going free technical support when you become a customer. OpenDNS don’t offer you this. With Celestix there are no additional support costs or add on pricing – all features, upgrades and support are included in the price quoted.

2. Easy

With Celestix WebFilter there are No minimums, No DNS request limits, No extra support costs, No unanswered support calls. Once you are a Celestix WebFilter customer, you are a customer. There are No tiers or costly minimums just a solid product and great service.

3. Data Compliance – Where exactly is your data?

Celestix WebFilter can guarantee that your data stays in your region. OpenDNS is a shared AnyCast system – there is no guarantee that your data is staying within your region. Celestix WebFilter Cloud is regionalized so ALL info is guaranteed to stay within the same region (US/EU/ANZ etc.)

4. Extensive Reporting

Celestix WebFilter offers twice as many custom reports as OpenDNS. Custom reports allow for flexible reporting based on an organization’s specific requirements. When Active Directory integration is in place Celestix WebFilter offers an additional 10 reports as well as the ability to add filters to the pre-canned reports.

5. Safe Search

With Celestix WebFilter you can enable safe search for Google and Bing in one click. When SafeSearch is on, it helps block explicit images, videos, and websites from Google Search results. Because of the Anycast system used by OpenDNS this on / off safe search feature is not possible, thus allowing pornographic and inappropriate imagery to display even when content is being filtered.

OpenDNS customers wishing to apply safe search must do so themselves at the router level. This is a serious limitation of the OpenDNS Anycast system. Users are reporting jumping through hoops to get this set up with every path leading to a dead end. With Celestix WebFilter implementing safe search is simple.

6. Extensive API

Celestix WebFilter’s extensive API set facilitates simple integration for users. The OpenDNS API is not as extensive with less customization possible. Celestix WebFilter Cloud allows deep integration, making ‘Cloud to Cloud’ integration straightforward. Our backend expertise brought through to your front end provides you a single pane of glass.

Benefits of API driven architecture:

7. Alerts

With Celestix WebFilter you have the ability to set up email alerts to be notified if a user hits a page/domain that’s blocked (for security reasons). An administrative alert email is immediately sent to the admin account or another designated user in the account. OpenDNS does not offer this option.

8. Post-Sales Support

We routinely receive great feedback (98% customer satisfaction) for our post-sales support. Hands-on contact with a qualified and experienced engineer at all stages are an important factor in this high rating. The customers we’ve migrated from OpenDNS see this as a key factor in moving to Celestix WebFilter.

9. Active Directory Integration

OpenDNS Active Directory integration and multiple policies runs off a policy ranking system, Celestix WebFilter Cloud runs off a group ranking system. From customer feedback our ranking system is a lot more user friendly and easier to manage.

10. Your Own Private Cloud

Celestix WebFilter can be deployed as a private cloud with all of your customers on your private cloud. With Celestix WebFilter there are lots of customizations options, the solution can be fully white labelled. OpenDNS is a shared platform with limited customization options.

11. The Cost of Free

What happens when a free service and business service mix? The paying customers unwittingly end up subsiding the free service. For the people using the free service this is fantastic, however this means the paying customer is invariably overpaying. OpenDNS providers free DNS resolutions for millions of systems. Are you overpaying and subsiding the free users of OpenDNS? Celestix WebFilter customers only pay for what they use.

12. Price

Celestix WebFilter Cloud offers flexible pricing based on the customer preference – we can price based on AP’s, IP’s or locations – the customer decides. OpenDNS offer complex pricing tiers and charge additionally for support costly minimums and force customers to accommodate their overly complex buying process.

OpenDNS$2.70vs.Celestix WebFilter$1.5


Getting Started

From a price model that suits your business to dedicated engineering that can assist with design, testing and rollout, we’re involved that whole way. Sign up for free trial today.

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