Introducing Celestix Managed Services

Historically, Celestix support operated on a classic model, providing break/fix services for customers with an active support contract. Many of our customers wanted to proactively maintain, and manage services on the Celestix platform. This was primarily to reduce downtime, and unplanned outages. Instead of waiting for things to break, and then open a support case, customers started seeking proactive support from the Celestix support team. They wanted preventive maintenance, and continuous monitoring to avoid potential issues.

In order to cater to the growing demand of Managed Services from the customers, Celestix introduced two new, support programs – Proactive and Proactive +. Customers can now purchase a Managed Services support contract, and enlist Celestix support engineers to provide full system management, from the appliance to the application. Celestix support engineers provide proactive monitoring services, and limited monitoring of downstream applications and dependent services. The option to have a dedicated technical account manager (TAM), who provides quarterly health checks, and monthly system status reports, is also available.

We have a dedicated support team that is highly experienced on the solutions we offer, including Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Unified Remote Access (including DirectAccess, Aways on VPN), ADFS and Web Application Proxy (WAP), and KEMP Load Balancer, Flowmon, and Cymulate Security Validation. Customers can now choose a program that best suits their specific needs, from the four available options – Standard, Premium, Proactive and Proactive +.

Is it a good investment for your IT infrastructure?

  • Absolutely, yes! For Celestix customers, having access to highly specialized support engineers ensures that calls are answered quickly, and problems are resolved in a timely manner. Little time is wasted in call queues or waiting for call routers to triage your case before being assigned to an engineer for resolution.
  • With Celestix Managed Services, organizations can have peace of mind in knowing that their mission critical edge security and remote access solutions running on the Celestix hardware appliance platform, are diligently monitored and proactively maintained.
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance ensures highest levels of availability, and reduces unplanned downtime.
  • In addition, dedicated TAMs gain a greater understanding of the customer’s environment, enabling them to recommend a maintenance plan, to closely adhere to goals and objectives for system management.

With businesses increasingly becoming IT dependent, it is crucial to have experts to handle the regular maintenance of your IT infrastructure. Managed Services is a good investment, that’s sure to help increase a company’s revenue. Finally, it is the best solution, since it allows you to concentrate on what you do best managing the core competencies of your business.

You can find more information about Celestix Managed Services, here. To find out which Celestix support program is best for your needs, call us on 510.668.0700 or drop us a note at [email protected]

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