Craft a Zero Trust Strategy with InstaSafe

Use InstaSafe’s continuous authentication and authorisation model to enforce granular access control, and mitigate risk with a Zero Trust model to secure users, devices, and applications.

Are you ready to craft a Zero Trust Strategy for your Company?

Provide users with only Application access, using MFA, device binding & location validation. Instasafe ZTAA ensures that multiple security parameters are met before user gets access to the required business Applications, both public and on-premise.

Zero Trust helps you isolate your enterprise network and the applications from direct access from the internet. There are no open listening ports exposed and attackers can’t find the target network or applications in the users devices to attack.

Just not the password, but the Zero trust approach actually helps verify the identity of the user. MFA enables a strong and extra level of verification; thus ensuring secured access for verified users. Additionally, SSO helps users access multiple SaaS, on-prem applications seamlessly.

A clear visibility of all the user activities inside your internal network helps you keep an eye for any anomaly easily. A view into all logs, traffic volume helps the organization avoid probable attacks in time.

Modern-day businesses are using hundreds of applications these days, and they need quick integration with APIs for fast deployment. Zero Trust approach helps organizations to monitor activity and configuration tasks via RESTful Apis. Integration of all event data into SIEM for regular investigation & tracking helps stay prepared & secured for future attacks.