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EdgeNexus ADC vs Kemp Load Balancer

When it comes to load balancers, there are only a limited number of vendors that match the exceptional requirements of enterprise customers, EdgeNexus being one of them.

When comparing the EdgeNexus Load Balancer and Kemp Loadmaster features on paper, they seem remarkably similar. However, once you start working with them, the differences are more obvious.

Easy to use

One of the main features for the success of any product is its ease of use. This is definitely the case with the EdgeNexus ADC load balancer.

  • It really is very easy to use
  • Configuration is simple and fast
  • No specially trained teams needed
  • Almost anyone can use the EdgeNexus
  • Our customers absolutely love it because of this
  • Configuration made hassle free!
Celestix EdgeNexus Load Balancer
Celestix EdgeNexus Load Balancer

Traffic Management

Management of HTTP/HTTPS traffic is also a breeze with EdgeNexus flightPATH.

  • Very easy to configure using simple graphical UI
  • Absolutely no scripting required
  • Range of built in rules: conditions, evaluations and actions
  • Just point and click!
  • All included as standard with no extra costs

Run Apps Locally

We were the first to pioneer the ability to run apps in containers inside the EdgeNexus; fully secured and encrypted.

  • No additional hardware or virtual machine resources required
  • Runs almost any Linux application
  • Graphical setup allows you to access app just as if it was on a separate machine
  • Runs our WAF and GSLB within ADC containers
  • Many apps available to download such as Cisco Duo
Celestix EdgeNexus Load Balancer
Celestix EdgeNexus Load Balancer

Want WAF?

If you need WAF then EdgeNexus WAF is waiting for you.

  • Use OWASP rule sets
  • Add your own custom rules
  • Very easy to use web interface allowing full configuration
  • Runs inside the the ADC load balancer - just download and deploy from the EdgeNexus ADC UI

Global Server Load Balancing

A full GSLB with all the features you need.

  • Runs inside the EdgeNexus ADC load balancer in a container
  • Included an authoritative DNS Server as standard - no external DNS needed
  • Easy to use graphical UI - No scripting needed!
  • Full range of rules to direct traffic
  • Many apps available to download such as Cisco Duo
Celestix EdgeNexus Load Balancer


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