Validation for remote working

Attack Vector

The Challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic led to broad geographic shutdowns, quadrupling the overall number of people working from home, with some companies shutting offices for 100% of their workforce. This introduced significant changes in many company’s IT and cybersecurity architectures and security policies, modified to accommodate remote workers. Many organizations have realized that working from home improves productivity and consider supporting it long term. But how can a security team validate the effectiveness of WFH security controls.

The Solution

Continuous security validation enables organizations to emulate a remote worker’s endpoint and validate the effectiveness of its defenses, including cloud-based and endpoint security controls. By fully operationalizing the MITRE ATT&CK framework Cymulate enables you to test your incident response procedures related to a compromised or infected remote endpoint. You also gain visibility on the real risk of a compromised endpoint, integrations with vulnerability management systems provide attack context to prioritize remediation efforts and by performing automated lateral movement from a remote endpoint, you will discover the potential impact it can cause.

Assure the Effectiveness of Remote Access Security Controls


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Automate cyber-intelligence gathering, analysis and risk rating providing businesses guidance to reduce their attack surface.

Email Gateway

Test Your E-Mail Security With Cymulate’s Vast and Diverse Email Solution.

Web Gateway

Test Your HTTP/HTTPS Outbound Exposure to Malicious Websites.

Web Appliocation Firewall

Test Your WAF Security Posture to Web Payloads and Protect Your Web Apps.

Endpoint Security

Test if your Endpoint solutions are tuned properly and if they are protecting you against the latest attack vectors.

Lateral Movement

Test Your E-Mail Security With Cymulate’s Vast and Diverse Email Solution.

Data Exfiltration

Challenge your DLPcontrols, enabling you to assess the security of outbound critical data before your sensitive information is exposed.

Immediate Threat

Challenge your internal networks against different techniques and methods used by attackers to gain access and control

Full Kill-Chain Advanced Persistent Threat

Full Kill-Chain Advanced Persistent Threat

Purple Team Simulation

Customized and automated security validation and assurance.