Governance, Risk & Compliance

Get Cyber Sierra’s robust, enterprise-wide, and easy-to-manage platform for all your GRC issues

How does Cyber Sierra’s smart GRC automation work?

Streamline your compliance strategy with Cyber Sierra’s interactive dashboard. Simplify GRC and security audits with automated tracking and reporting.

  • Automate data collection & risk assessments

    Use technology to gather and analyze data, identifying and mitigating risks efficiently

  • Stay compliant through continuous control monitoring

    Ensure ongoing compliance by continuously monitoring processes and activities in real-time

  • Generate reports & maintain an audit trail

    Generate comprehensive reports and maintain detailed records for transparency and accountability

  • Manage multiple compliance frameworks

    Streamline compliance management across various regulatory frameworks using automation

Why automate GRC?

  • Efficiency

    Automation streamlines Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) processes, saving time and effort in data collection, analysis, and reporting

  • Accuracy

    Automated GRC reduces the risk of human errors, ensuring consistent and reliable compliance management

  • Proactive Risk Management

    Automation allows for real-time monitoring, enabling you to identify and address risks promptly

  • Scalability

    Automated GRC solutions can easily adapt to your organization’s growth and changing compliance requirements`


GRC automation for your different compliance needs

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Cybersecurity Complaince Frameworks

Our GRC program is purpose-built to help you get audit ready for cybersecurity compliance frameworks, such as SOC2, ISO 27001, ISO 27701, HIPAA, PCI DSS, Australia's CIRMP, and PDPA among others.

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Custom Control Frameworks

As enterprises. you can also use Cyber Sierra to track and comply with custom control frameworks.

What do you get with Cyber Sierra’s CCM?


Risk management


Policy management


Security controls


Incident response


Audit and compliance


Reporting and analytics




Automated workflows


Data integration



Take control of your cyber landscape.

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