Health Tech

Seamlessly integrate security into your risk management, governance, and business continuity framework for robust health data privacy.

Strengthen Healthcare Cybersecurity

  • To ensure the security of sensitive patient data, it is crucial to seamlessly integrate cybersecurity measures within your enterprise's existing framework of risk management, governance, and business continuity structures.

  • Cyber Sierra simplifies your approach to compliance with relevant industry cyber security frameworks and regulations, enabling security of healthcare data.

Protect your customer information.
Improve your security protocols.


Healthcare Data Protection Compliance

Get and maintain continuous compliance with various international healthcare data protection frameworks and regulations, including HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR


Continuous Control Monitoring

Automate real-time security monitoring, risk mitigation, and streamline vendor risk management through assessments, due date tracking, and regulatory compliance


Risk-Driven Compliance Solution

Drive policy-making, employee training, cost optimization, and cyber risk remediation through actionable risk intel, and secure your data effortlessly

Take control of your cyber landscape.

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