Achieve a High Return on Investment with the Celestix MSA

Celestix_AppliancesAn important factor to consider when evaluating web security solutions is the total cost of ownership. Often, the hidden costs of deployment and maintenance  can equal or surpass the cost of a  solution. For example, software-based web security solutions can require  multiple hardware components, operating  systems, associated service packs, and database applications just to prepare for  deploying the actual security solution.  Even some appliance-based solutions can require purchasing multiple hardware components such as one device for URL filtering, anti-malware inspection, and one for intrusion prevention or firewall.

Coupled with user-based fees, such solutions can rapidly scale upwards in hidden cost and complexity that adversely affect your return on investment. Not only does cost escalation concern small and medium-sized businesses that often have to operate with limited IT resources, it also is of concern to large enterprises that constantly struggle to increase profitability for shareholders.

The Celestix MSA security appliance with  Microsoft Forefront Threat Management
Gateway 2010 (TMG) provides the highest value secure web gateway solution through a powerful security feature set packaged in an appliance-based solution that is simple to deploy and easy to manage with no per user license fees. Celestix integrated all components of the solution — hardware and software — into a single device that is managed through a simple Web based user interface. By presenting a fully integrated solution with a deterministic pricing model, the Celestix MSA with TMG lets you quickly assess your network needs and meet your resource and budget constraints with the highest return on investment.

Here are some reasons why selecting the Celestix MSA is the right choice:

Lower provisioning costs
Provisioning a security solution by sourcing the individual components (hardware,
OS, application, plugins, etc.) requires a separate purchasing cycle for each component. The provisioning cost of buying separate components is often more than the complete installed cost of provisioning an integrated MSA security appliance.

No per user fees
Software solutions require paying per user fees that quickly increase the total-solution cost as your organization grows. There are no per user license fees associated with the Celestix MSA security appliance. Instead, you simply choose the Celestix MSA appliance model to match your network size. If your organization grows, you can easily upgrade to a higher capacity model, or cluster Celestix MSA appliances without added per user license fees. No client software to install Software solutions require installing and configuring multiple software modules
using different software interfaces.

The Celestix MSA provides URL filtering, antimalware inspection, intrusion prevention, application, network-layer firewall, and HTTP/HTTPS inspection in a single appliance. Managed through a single, intuitive Web user interface, the Celestix MSA does not need to have any added client or server software installed. This can mean significant savings over having to maintain operating system licenses and database applications.

Plug-and-play deployment
Deploying a software solution requires significant networking and software management experience in-house, or extensive time and effort to hire an independent consultant.

Celestix MSA series appliances can be quickly and easily integrated into a variety of network environments saving costly IT labor costs. All malware filtering and cloudbased URL filtering technologies, which aggregated from multiple Web security vendors, update automatically through Microsoft TMG Web Protection Service. This ensures protection against emerging threats with a minimum of time invested. Plug in, configure, and you are ready to go. It’s that simple.

Lower total cost of ownership
Deploying a software solution involves setting up third-party servers and networking devices, installing operating systems, and updates/patches, as well as installing and configuring various software application modules.

In contrast, Celestix MSA security appliances are fully integrated solutions that include hardware, software,
subscription, and support services in a single integrated solution designed to reduce deployment complexity and time. Deploying an MSA security appliance results in significant time and cost savings.

Follow the sun 24×7 technical support
Celestix Networks does not outsource technical support. There are no support phone trees or answering machines to waste your valuable time—just qualified technicians. Celestix support is available 24×7, in-person, and with global coverage to provide help when and where you need it.

Unsurpassed protection
Included in TMG is a new cloud-based web filtering system hosted by Microsoft. This system maintains a centralized database of 45 million (and growing) web domains and billions of web pages to help customers identify and block malicious web sites. Microsoft’s new web filtering system pulls data from multiple sources, such as Hotmail. MSA uses the same technology that powers SmartScreen in Internet Explorer 8, the Windows Live Security Platform, and more than 10 partners, such as Brightcloud, M8e6 and FutureSoft. In the past, network professionals either had to buy and install a plugin or purchase and install a free standing appliance to add web filtering to their security arsenal. Web filtering is now a standard feature on MSA security appliances.

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