V-Key Smart Soft Token

The Most Secure Seamless Authentication Solution Trusted by Millions

Provides APIs for OTP, PKI & FIDO2 standard based authentication protocols


Multi-layered advance mobile security protections


Supports symmetric & asymmetric cryptography standards


Provision multiple tokens within a single app


Available as an easily integrable SDK or as standalone app


Work on cloud or on-premisies


Integrable with 3rd party authentication servers


Minimal memory footprint and resource requirement on device

What Is V-Key Smart Token or Authenticator ?

The V-OS Smart Soft Token is a versatile and highly secure second-factor authentication and authorization solution for mobile devices. It is a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional hardware one-time password (OTP) tokens and OTP-generated SMS messages.

As Secure As Hard Token

V-OS Smart Soft Tokens are the most secure software tokens available. They use advanced cryptographic and cybersecurity protection to comply with global standards while providing a unique identity for the user. They are safeguarded against phishing and other social engineering attacks and work without internet access.

Why is it Smart?

V-Key Smart Authenticator is a secure and customizable authentication tool for businesses. It replaces costly hardware and SMS OTPs, and is protected by the V-OS Virtual Secure Element. It's perfect for any business needing strong and flexible MFA solutions.

Why V-Key Smart Soft Token?

Organizations need stronger security than simple passwords. SMS OTPs are insecure and hardware tokens are expensive and inconvenient.

One Authenticator For All

The V-OS Mobile Smart Token Family

V-OS Smart OTP Token

The V-OS Smart OTP token simplifies 2FA and MFA authentication by turning your device into a One Time Password generator, even when offline. It's a simple solution for VPN and limited application access.

V-OS Smart PKI Token

The V-OS Smart PKI Token securely stores digital certificates and private keys using public key cryptography for authentication. These certificates offer strong identity verification and work with various devices and functions such as secure messaging and document signing.

V-OS Smart FIDO2 Token

The V-OS Smart FIDO2 Token is highly secure and uses FIDO specifications for public key cryptography. It is commonly used by large enterprises for employee and customer authentication with mixed hardware and software-based tokens.

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V-OS Virtual Secure Element

At the heart of V-Key’s solutions is V-OS, the world’s first Virtual Secure Element to be FIPS 140-2 (US NIST), achieve FIDO security targets, and be Common Criteria EAL3+ certified. It has also been accredited by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA). V-OS creates an isolated virtual environment within mobile applications to safely store cryptographic keys and other important information.

V-Key Smart Authenticator

The V-Key Smart Authenticator provides a strong and flexible, yet less expensive MFA solution using a fully customisable, one-touch passwordless mobile authenticator that is ideal for small and medium sized businesses. It can be used with built-in face biometrics for even more convenient access.

Want zero trust security that's both effective and easy to use? You need V-Key

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