InstaSafe Zero Trust Secure Access

Provides seamless access controls for all your applications with InstaSafe Zero Trust Secure Access

Instant Deployment

Implement secure access across your network in a matter of minutes, with our single-click Zero Trust Secure Access platform

Simplified Security

Allow any type of user to access any enterprise resource securely and with ease, without relying on legacy setups like VPNs

Hyperscalability at low cost

With a completely hardware-free configuration, our solutions can scale up to multiple geographies in no time, without adding to overheads

Seamless Management

Acquire better control over user permissions, frame and implement granular access policies, and isolate applications with ease

What is Zero Trust Security?

Zero Trust is a security model that doesn’t trust any entity, whether inside or outside the network. Unlike traditional security systems which follow the ‘Trust but verify’ approach, Zero Trust models follow a ‘Never Trust, always verify’ approach, using strict access control policies and constant monitoring to secure enterprise networks from malware and other security threats. Zero Trust ensures that each and every user and their devices are validated and given the least required access on a “need to know” basis.

Traditional, network-centric security systems grant more trust than required, which can be exploited.

InstaSafe Zero Trust Architecture

Identity Centric Zero Trust Solutions for the Remote Workforce

InstaSafe provides cloud delivered cybersecurity solutions that protect critical business applications against existing and emerging threat vectors.

InstaSafe uses Software Defined Perimeters to protect against a wide range of attacks by allowing access only from authenticated users, only to those business applications that they are allowed to access.

Your Company’s Best Defence against Lateral Movement Attacks

Ultralight. Hyperscalable. Zero Trust. With its disruptive Software Defiend Perimeter Solutions, InstaSafe overcomes the challenges of traditional solutions like Business VPNs, and helps in better security by turning your endpoint devices into least privilege devices that allow access only after comprehensive authentication and monitoring.

Monitor User Behavior and Simplify Threat Analytics

Monitor and analyze threat patterns across all applications, networks, users, and devices. Identify user behavior patterns and stop threats by monitoring real-time.

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Security Anywhere

Enforce Cloud App Security inside the office or remote.

Multifactor Authentication

Secure your on-premise apps & protect your hybrid cloud with MFA.

Security Anywhere

Enforce Cloud App Security inside the office or remote.

Fast Onboarding

Simple onboarding of users and auto configuration of devices enables fast deployment.

Single Pane View

Manage everything in Public/ Private Cloud from dashboard with detailed audit trail.


Device Security + User authorization + App access control leads to compliance with PCI DSS, NIST and others.


Give your employees flexibility on device choice without compromising your security.

Device Checks

Quarantines affected systems, preventing them from connecting to the office network.

Granular Access

Organizations can deploy their least privilege strategy by role based access control.

Zero Trust Application Access

Our Zero Trust Application Access solution empowers your remote team to securely access on-premise and cloud-hosted applications.


Multi Factor Authentication

Each user is granted access after multiple layers of authentication. Application-level access is completely secured due to device binding & location verification. MFA is powered by Email, SMS and other TOTP based authenticators. InstaSafe also provides an indigenously built InstaSafe authenticator to power the MFA.


Optimise Security

Zero Trust Application Access provides extensive protection against threats on every device & user access, ensures policy compliance, and assures a granular defense framework, highly scalable and effective for remote workforces.


Role Based Access Control

Organizations can deploy their least privilege strategy by ZTAA’s role based access control, to manage and audit the access to critical data and who sees what. Access Policies based on business roles and contexts reduce risk of excessive trust.

Zero Trust Benefits

Our Zero Trust Application Access solution helps organizations to mitigate deliberate attacks & unauthorized access to sensitive business data.


Negligible Attack Surface

Zero Trust Application Access uses application specific tunnelling and software Defined Perimeters to separate access control and data planes. This means that the entire network is rendered invisible to external factors, and users can only access applications that they are allowed to see.


Secure Digital Transformation

InstaSafeʼs Zero Trust Cloud Solutions are deployed in days for massive scale of users, and helps in easier facilitation of disruptive technologies like Internet of Things with micro segmentation and permissions.


Easy Visibility Across the Network

With InstaSafeʼs state of the art Single Pane Management Console, you get complete and detailed visibility across the network, thus helping identify threat vectors, and a better view of your security posture.


Secure Business Innovation

Zero Trust Security facilitates easier adoption of innovative business processes, which include an easier transition from on-premise based employees to home based employees, and easier and secured outsourcing of business functions to 3rd parties.


Better Compliance

Adopting a Zero Trust Security Model can improve reporting, auditing, and better compliance to security policies, using micro segmentation and a centralised control of devices, users, and applications


Secure Cost Savings

Replacing your traditional security setup with ZTAA can save licensing and support costs, and can reduce expenses by up to 40%.

Use Cases

Secure Access. Anything from Anywhere

Empower Your Remote Workforce to seamlessly connect and work from anywhere without compromising on security

MPLS Failure Over

Ensure Seamless Connectivity for your Business in case of an MPLS Failure.

Active Directory Connect+

Manage Your Remote Employees with Ease by Maintaining Your Active Directory® & LDAP Services

Software Defined Security for Your AWS Infrastructure

Ensures Secure Remote Access to Internal Apps in AWS

Software Defined Security for Microsoft Azure

Secure your cloud investments, and improve productivity with simplified cloud access.

Multisite Connection Solution with Access Control

Ensures Secure Connection between Multiple Sites

Secure Cloud Applications

Secure your cloud investments, and improve productivity with simplified cloud access.

Reinforce Security for Office 365 applications

Enhance remote working by delivering secure access to Office 365 applications through ongoing assessment and identity-based policies.


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