Product Updates: HOTPin 3.7 Brings New Simplicity to Two-Factor Authentication

HOTPin 3.7 Tokenless Two-Factor Authentication concentrates on providing an authentication solution for every user through a flexible range of options that now includes a QR code scan functionality. This feature makes generating a secure, one-time password as easy as point-and-scan for users.  If users type in their usernames and passwords, they get the choice to scan a QR Code with their smartphones.  The idea is that the user’s smartphone has been previously registered with the HOTPin authentication server, so by scanning the QR Code, the user is able to provide his or her identity.  The QR Code negates the need for any transcription and makes it easier for users. It also increases the security as it provides a challenge and response mechanism; the challenge that generated by the web portal that the user intends to login and the response that provided by the user using the smartphone to scan the QR Code to identify herself or himself.

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