Who we are

Celestix Networks | Security. Simplified.

Celestix Networks Inc. has a proven track record and is a trusted brand in the delivery of managed security appliances and security solutions. Celestix is leveraging its significant experience in the remote access and authentication markets to extend its portfolio into the Cloud managed appliance security market. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Pleasanton, California, Celestix has delivered over 25,000 security appliances worldwide and currently offers support to over 5,000 customers. The company maintains regional offices in London, Singapore and Tokyo. As the threat landscape constantly evolves, Celestix will never cease to protect our clients from risk. Our company provides market leading technologies backed up by a global support network that ensures we meet and exceed the demands of our international customer base.

Our Vision

Celestix’s vision is to enable the simple deployment of secure remote access connectivity across the cloud and distributed offices. Our goal is to provide private cloud, public cloud, and remote access connectivity management in one unified platform by offering an end-to-end solution that includes cloud edge security, unified access, threat management, RADIUS, two-factor authentication on either physical or virtual appliances for SMB and enterprise networks.

In the era of cloud computing, enterprise applications and IT services have moved beyond the datacenter. More and more corporations are beginning to move development, test and production workloads to the hosted and public clouds. This allows them to gain flexibility while reducing expenses and only pay for what they use. Enterprise IT is also embracing the service provider model, bringing the cloud services into the corporate datacenter. This enables enterprise IT to offer the pay as you go model within their corporate enterprise.

However, migrating these data centers to the Cloud and connecting users to them and to the public cloud is often complex. Corporate IT must deal with a variety of vendors and cloud providers, which often leads to a patchwork of connectivity and complex troubleshooting problems. Often this complexity can reduce the value of cloud connecting these workloads. Celestix can harmonize and align this connectivity by building solutions that bridge these boundaries and seamlessly enable the promise of cloud-enlightened data centers.

Celestix has the capability to address the current friction points and offer solutions that will expand beyond the traditional edge, in order to orchestrate seamlessly the remote access, on-premise network, and cloud resources together.

Our Mission

We want to be one of the leaders in providing secure connectivity to the mobile users and distributed offices on both on-premises and the cloud environment. We intend to achieve this goal by leading the industry in developing new products, pricing competitively, controlling costs, supporting customers, and expanding partner channels. Celestix understands the dynamics of the industry and is prepared to move decisively to exploit new opportunities.