Supercharging NetOps and SecOps

Make informed decisions and deal with network anomalies in real time. Cloud, hybrid or on-premise, with Kemp Flowmon’s actionable intelligence you are in control.

Kemp Flowmon’s network intelligence integrates NetOps and SecOps into one versatile solution. Capable of automated traffic monitoring and threat detection, it creates a strong foundation for informed decision-making without having to sift through volumes of information noise. Its intuitive interface allows IT professionals to quickly learn about incidents and anomalies, understand their context, impact, magnitude, and most importantly, their root cause.

Monitoring and Diagnostics for NetOps

Erasing the Silos between NetOps and SecOps

Network Traffic Analysis for SecOps

Product Landscape

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    Kemp Flowmon ADS

    The Anomaly Detection System protects against unknown threats.

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    Kemp Flowmon DDoS Defender

    A DDoS attack detector and mitigation orchestrator with universal deployability and limitless integrability.

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    Kemp Flowmon Probe

    A high-performance sensor that silently generates data about network traffic, which can be used for resolving a multitude of operational issues.

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    Kemp Flowmon Monitoring Center

    Analyzes and visualizes NetFlow statistics.

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    Kemp Flowmon APM

    A tool that optimizes user experience by fine-tuning application performance.

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    Kemp Flowmon Collector

    A robust unit for complete network visibility. It scales to fit networks of any size and supports all major data standards.

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    Kemp Flowmon Packet Investigator

    Automated network traffic auditing tool that records and interprets full packet data.