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The Cloud is the new Normal

Secure cloud computing environment against external and insider threats with InstaSafe.


of digital businesses use a cloud service.

The advent of the cloud as an agile and scalable alternative to on premise data centers is inevitable. Organisations leverage 5 different cloud platforms on an average. Organisations may use multiple cloud platforms to save redundant costs and ensure flexibility.


of workloads will be on the cloud by 2021

Cloud platforms are increasingly being preferred by businesses to improve scalability and operability while reducing costs.

Challenges Businesses Face in Digital Transformation

Traditional security solutions don’t cope with the everchanging cloud access management.


Businesses are relying on the wrong tools for cloud security

Traditional Security Tools are not equipped for secure digital transformation.


No Support for Digital Transformation

Traditional solutions don’t account for BYOD policies and cloud access by unmanaged devices.


Higher Vulnerability to Attacks

Traditional VPNs offer an inadequate level of security for modern cloud-native infrastructures, and don’t account for user context.


No visibility across network

You cannot protect against attacks in the network which that you cannot see. Without a monitoring infrastructure to oversee your cloud environment, your cloud deployments are at greater risk.

InstaSafe’s Zero Trust Solutions Simplify Control and Security of your Cloud Environments

Secure Access to Cloud Applications

  • Use a continuous risk assessment methodology to assess user risk, device risk and application risk
  • Create role-based adaptive access controls
  • Provide secure, authenticated connection to cloud applications, regardless of the location of users using MFA.

Visibility over all cloud applications

  • Use a Single Pane Management Console to monitor all network traffic
  • Integrate with SIEMs to audit network traffic, and identify threat vectors with minimal delay
  • Implement granular level access controls for managed and unmanaged devices

Extend On-Premise Security Policies to the Cloud

  • Seamlessly integrate on-premise data protection and compliance solutions with the cloud
    Frame Access Policies that can be applied to both cloud and on-premise applications
    Maintain comprehensive insights over the entire network infrastructure, be it on-premise or cloud-based

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