Benefits and Use Cases of Deploying Celestix SecureAccess V Series in Virtualized Environments

Celestix Networks has been delivering turn-key, ready-to-deploy solutions on its dedicated, purpose-built appliances for nearly two decades. Today, the Celestix SecureAccess E Series is the platform of choice for organizations seeking to deploy Microsoft-based secure remote access solutions in the most reliable and efficient way. Historically the choice of implementing an edge security or secure remote access solution on our optimized hardware was an easy one. And while delivering security solutions on advanced hardware platforms is in our DNA, times are changing. Today’s modern datacenter is rapidly evolving, and in fact looks quite different than it did just a few short years ago.

Datacenters today are highly virtualized and heavily automated. Frequently the physical datacenter infrastructure isn’t even hosted on premises. Where specialized hardware was once the standard, especially for security enforcement workloads, that is no longer the case. Many organizations have standardized on virtual machines and infrastructure, and now expect their security appliances to be supported on these virtual platforms as well. For some, the option to deploy hardware isn’t feasible at all.

Until recently, all Celestix appliance offerings were delivered exclusively on hardware. However, as we engaged with many Fortune 500 customers we learned that in spite of the positive security and performance benefits of our physical appliances, many organizations desired, and often required, a virtual solution.

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You spoke, we listened.

To meet the unique requirements of organizations seeking to deploy Microsoft-based remote access in their virtual infrastructure, Celestix Networks recently announced the availability of their popular E Series appliance in a virtual form factor. Customers who wish to leverage the unique and proprietary capabilities of the Celestix SecureAccess E Series hardware appliance can now gain access to those features for their new and existing remote access deployments.

The new Celestix SecureAccess V Series appliance will be delivered as a software installer that customers can download and install on a new or existing virtual machine. The V Series can be installed on any virtual machine that supports Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2. Common use cases for the V Series include small to mid-sized organizations seeking to consolidate all workloads on their existing virtual infrastructure. Enterprises with large remote access client populations can also take advantage of the V Series with careful planning and consideration. The DirectAccess workload places unique demands on the underlying operating system and hardware, which may limit the effectiveness of the solution where demand is high. Often this can be addressed by deploying additional virtual machines and scaling out to provide the same level of performance as dedicated hardware.

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