Load Balancing Dell EMC ECS

Load Balancing Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage

Developed by Dell-EMC, the ECS or Elastic Cloud Storage product is one of the most advanced and popular of object based storage mediums. Its use of hardware storage arrays, located on-premise that deliver unmatched performance, scalability, resilience and most importantly an economic advantage.

With the EdgeNexus ADC, the ability to load balance and deliver the very best high-availability solution is simple and easy. The availability of advanced Layer 7 health monitoring ensures that traffic is intelligently switched to healthy nodes in the event of system failure, or scheduled maintenance.

Value benefit

  • Save considerable amounts when compared to Citrix or F5
  • No compromise on functionality or features
  • Robust security and performance profile

Manageability simplified

  • You have not experienced a simpler configuration
  • Our GUI is probably the most easy to use
  • Control all aspects of the EdgeADC with your mouse and keyboard
  • Scripting traffic management rules is a thing of the past with flightPATH

Data assurance

  • Add a layer of assuredness for data accessibility by using the highly efficient EdgeNexus
  • Secure your valuable data behind our high-efficiency reverse proxy engine
  • Scale your system as needed, when load balancing is in place, ensuring that growing needs are met