EdgeNexus ADC vs AWS Load Balancer

The AWS platform provides a very potent platform for the virtual hosting of applications and servers. As part of the AWS offering, Amazon has provided users with the ability to use load balancer technology designed by Amazon.

Although the Amazon load balancers have improved, they are yet to become ADCs in the true sense and are extremely expensive to operate.

Easy to use GUI

At Celestix we believe that there should be no code involved in the use of a product, unless absolutely necessary. So we have no need for code in the EdgeNexus ADC unless you want to write monitors using PERL.

  • It really is very easy to use
  • Configuration is simple and fast
  • No specially trained teams needed
  • Almost anyone can use the EdgeNexus
  • Our customers absolutely love it because of this
  • Configuration made hassle free!


When HTTP or HTTPS traffic enters your network, there is often the need to inspect the traffic while maintaining the security requirements of the HTTPS stream. For example, you may wish to redirect traffic based on the URL or the originating IP address, or perhaps even ensure that only specific subnets can access the servers on particular ports or URLs.
Here is where flightPATH comes in, providing you the capability to inspect and determine what to do with the traffic.

Other vendors have adopted code and expertise to construct the traffic management rules that will inspect the data stream and act accordingly. It may be the case that this is needed in 1% of customer requirements, but certainly not for everyone.


EdgeSilo is unique to the EdgeNexus ADC. EdgeSilo is a containerized technology that is secured and optimized for running applications within EdgeSilo containers.

You can download one of the many applications we provide within the App Store such as EdgeNexus WAF, EdgeNexus GSLB, EdgeNexus SSL Manager, and Dell-ECS Load Balancing Manager. Users can even use their own Linux applications and run them in EdgeSilo.


App Store

Another unique feature of the EdgeNexus ADC is the App Store.

Users of the EdgeNexus ADC can connect and download applications, expansion packs, and software updates from the App Store from within the EdgeNexus ADC, or using a standard browser and then uploading to the EdgeNexus ADC.

Comparison Chart

Have a look at the detailed comparison chart for EdgeNexus ADC and AWS Load Balancer



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