V-Key MFA Features

Optimized facial biometric deployment options with the highest level of security.

Key Features

  • Enterprise Grade Solution.
  • Works on Cloud and on-premises.
  • Support 3rd party authentication servers.
  • Provision multiple tokens within a single app.
  • Secure PKI & OTP.
  • Meets FIDO Standard.
  • CC EAL3+ & FIPS 140-2 Certified.
  • Trusted Time.
  • Overlay & Screen Mirror Detection.
  • Remote Locking.
  • Copy-Protected Device Binding.
  • True End to end-to-end encryption.
  • Secure API.
  • FaceID, FingerPrint, PIN Lock.
  • Multi-Service Provider.
  • Multi-Device.
  • Physical Access.
  • Built-in App protection.
  • Threat Intelligence Dashboard.
  • Customizable UI.
  • Able to operate in rooted/jailbroken devices.

Detailed Features


PKI Auth
PKI Transaction validation
Multi-Service Provider
Physical Access
Secure Messaging
Secure Access to VPN
Secure Access to O365
Customize Application support
Global Language Support


Intuitive Ux
WYSIWYS (What you see - what you sign)
Flexible Activation
Easy rebranding
2-Step Gesture


Customizable Password policy
Transaction information protection
Secure Channel
RASP (Run time ASP)
Jailbreak & Root Detection
Tamper Detection & Anti Cloning
External Audits
Virtual Secure Element (V-OS)
Strong protection of cryptographic keys and OTP seeds
Debugger, simulator, hardware emulator detection
Hook detection
Secure Channel to the application server
Alert monitoring systems that an attack has happened
Detection of malware (e.g., accessibility- enabled malware)
Security (Monitoring)


FIPS 140-2, CC EAL3+, SOC 2, OATH

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