V-OS : Virtual Secure Element

Elevating Mobile Security to New Heights.

Tamper-resistant design


Anti-reverse engineering


Certified cryptography


Encrypted data at-rest and in-use


Time locking

V-OS In a Nutshell

In this video, we take a step back to introduce and explain the core of our technology: V-OS. With V-OS as the security foundation of your mobile application, your organization can build a wide range of solutions that are secure, trusted and scalable, and customized to your business needs.

What Makes V-OS Different?

Some software protection uses code obfuscation and Whitebox Cryptography for security against attacks. However, attackers can bypass these mechanisms using a "code-lifting" or "decryption oracle" attack.

V-Key employs the V-OS virtual machine to prevent tampering and breaches. It has integrated protection against root/jailbreak detection and tampering, securing cryptographic keys from attackers.

Virtual OS used by 200M+ devices worldwide.

V-OS is the world's first Virtual Secure Element to be FIPS 140-2 (US NIST), Common Criteria EAL3+, and SOC 2 certified. 

Want zero trust security that's both effective and easy to use? You need V-Key

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