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Protect Your Network, Applications & Users from Attacks

Cloud Access to Applications

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Secure Office 365 Applications

Secure Access (Hybrid, Private and Public Access)

Secure Aways On Remote Access for workforce

Secure Office 365 Applications

Cloud Access to Applications

Zero Trust Network Access for remote workforce

Compliance with AD Connect

Multisite Connection Solution with Access Control

Software Defined Security for Your AWS Infrastructure

Software Defined Security for Microsoft Azure

Application Delivery

Protect Your Network, Applications & Users from Attacks

Integrating Application Delivery Control With SDN

Network Function Virtualisation

The Internet of Things


Load Balance Object-based Storage

Microsoft TMG Migration

Consulting Services


FIM (ForeFront Identity Manager)/MIM (Microsoft Identity Manager) health checks, upgrades, and migrations to hybrid or cloud based IDaaS

Azure AD assessment

Posture analysis to enable a secure configuration baseline

Application Securing

Protect your application landscape with our application profiling program

ADFS Migrations

Move federated applications to your modern identity control plane

Passwordless Workshop

Empower the workforce to leverage the power of assured authentication

Device Management

Prepare to use Intune as a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) and mobile app management (MAM) provider for your applications and enterprise assets

Tenant Migrations

Enable successful mergers and acquisitions by smoothly migrating identities and data between tenants

Governance Workshop

Manage your Azure AD identity and access lifecycle at scale with Azure AD Entitlement Management

B2B and B2C

Establish an end-to-end framework for managing external and internal guest identities


Migrate from traditional VPN to Microsoft Entra Security Service Edge for fast and secure access to private and public resources

Always On VPN

Design, implement and optimize for Microsoft Always On VPN, migrate from DirectAccess to MS AOVPN.


Learn about Microsoft Entra, Entra ID, MIM, PAM, Azure AD Connect, Always On VPN and more.

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