Reinforce Security for Office 365 applications with InstaSafe

Enhance remote working by delivering secure access to Office 365 applications through ongoing assessment and identity-based policies.Quick Demo

Why Zero Trust Security for Office 365 Products?

Embrace modern workforce by protecting devices, apps, and data regardless of their location. Grant secure access to Office 365 solutions with InstaSafe.


Simplify Security for Complex Solutions

Reliance on multiple solutions to secure cloud & on-premise assets results in a complicated security infrastructure.


Enable Authorized Access

The absence of a robust monitoring mechanism for analysis of critical resources and data can result in delayed responses against attempted breaches.


Integrate Advanced Threat Protection

Basic versions of O365 enterprise plans donʼt provide for Advanced Threat Protection. Manage security with our Zero Trust Solution.

Secure Office 365 Applications with InstaSafe

InstaSafeʼs cloud security solutions provide industry-leading advanced threat protection and secure access to Office 365 applications by users anywhere across the world.

Security against All Threat Vectors

  • Adaptive Access Control to secure against unauthorized access
  • Isolated Application Access prevents proliferation of breach attempts
  • Block Copy/Paste options on devices handling critical data
  • Secure Against Access Attempts by Third Party Applications

Streamlined Security & Business Continuity

  • Data collection, audit, and logging for compliance is made easy
  • Apply various Office 365 access policies for different sets of managed and unmanaged devices
  • Ensure a consolidated singular policy across all cloud applications
  • Easy management of IT workloads with robust operability across multi-cloud environments

All Round Visibility for rapid response

  • Gather comprehensive insights on the most vulnerable users
  • Use role-based access policies to restrict access of applications to specific users
  • Track all movement of data in transit, and monitor network traffic across cloud and endpoints
  • Monitor exploitation or misuse of critical resources

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