MPLS Failures Hurting Your Business? Switch to InstaSafe

Ensure Seamless Connectivity for your Business in case of an MPLS Failure.

Connectivity: The Primary Force that Drives Your Business

In today’s world, connectivity is not merely a communications matter, it’s the sheer premise that enables the workforce and is responsible for customer satisfaction. Whether you need to interact with customers, clients, employees, other stakeholders or simply depend on it to deliver your service, the importance of connectivity cannot be stressed upon enough. Businesses today are so dependent on powerful and reliable connectivity to ensure continuity of business, that an outage or downtime can lead to loss of revenue, reputation, productivity, and much more.

MPLS Failover Through InstaSafe® Secure Access (ISA)

Many enterprises are using MPLS for the network connection because of its advantage on scalability, traffic routing, and low latency. However, if the MPLS goes down, the connection to a remote location is lost. To overcome this, InstaSafe® brings to you an MPLS Failover Solution, that protects business continuity with Multi-WAN connectivity and an auto and truly seamless fail-over functionality to ensure maximum connectivity and minimum service interruption.

InstaSafe® Cloud Network can be placed in the existing networks to automatically re-route your MPLS data traffic failover to InstaSafe® Secure Access via the internet, and keep your business up and running in the event of an outage.


How does the ISA MPLS Failover Solution Work?


With InstaSafe® Secure Access endpoint agent, all endpoints create two tunnels each, one to the Controller based in the data center via the MPLS network and the other to the InstaSafe® Cloud.

The InstaSafe® endpoint agent uses the MPLS network as the default WAN link for all application access.

If the agent detects that the MPLS link is not active, it automatically fails over to the InstaSafe® Cloud link via the internet and is connected to the applications in the data center.


The InstaSafe Cloud Delivery Platform for MPLS Failover

  • User machines connect to the InstaSafe® Cloud Network (ICN) using SSL tunnel (Agent)
  • ISA Agent is smart enough to identify failure of MPLS link and can pass the traffic through ICN as redundancy
  • Set InstaSafe® Cloud Network (ICN) as backup to the MPLS network
  • Traffic is then routed over the Internet using ICN
  • Traffic proceeds normally over the static route to the other location using MPLS link
  • Once consecutive connectivity tests pass for the MPLS link, the static route will be marked as active, and traffic be fail back over to the MPLS connection

Benefits of the ISA MPLS Failover Solution

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