HOTPin 4.0 (Coming soon)

Strong Authentication.

Looking to protect SharePoint portals? remote access via Citrix XenDesktop? Firewall access? HOTPin works in all of these scenarios. HOTPin is a simple and easy-to-deploy two-factor authentication solution that uses your phone as a token. HOTPin authentication service is available as a software or virtual machine for on-premise deployment or as a managed service with a pay-as-you-go price model.

Celestix Networks HOTPin authentication solution allows companies to embrace the use of smart devices in the workplace. By installing a soft token on a mobile device, it is transformed into a token capable of generating a one-time password (OTP) that can be used to authenticate the user when working remotely.

Celestix HOTPin can also simplify the authentication of remote users on devices that cannot utilize a soft token and for workers who may not own a corporate smart device such as contractors. HOTPin uses the GSM network to deliver OTPs via SMS and the email system for delivery of OTPs to an inbox.

HOTPin client now supports QR codes. Users can scan the QR code and will be instantly logged in to the application in a secure manner. The integration of this function to any web services is simple. The latest HOTPin 4 includes API with the samples that help to simplify the integration into your existing server architecture.

Celestix believes IT shouldn’t be complicated and costly, but it should be secure and controlled. This is why HOTPin uses HOTP, an HMAC-based algorithm for generating OTPs. HOTP is an open standard that continues to receive extensive scrutiny from security industry experts and leading academics.
Some authentication products use time-based OTPs (leveraging a vendor-assigned seed with the current time). HOTPin OTPs are event-based (using a key generated on-site by the IT manager in conjunction with a counter). As such, HOTPin OTPs are not susceptible to attacks that compromise the seed or predictable algorithms based on the current time.

HOTPin Features 

Operating System Supported

  • Windows Server 2022

Client mode – Soft tokens Supported platforms 

  • iOS 
  • Android 
  • Windows Phone 7 
  • Blackberry 
  • Microsoft Windows 
  • Mac 

Clientless mode – Out of Band 

  • One Time Passwords can be delivered without a 
  • token for true Out of Band (OOB) authentication. 
  • SMS and text messages 
  • Emails 
  • Instant Messenger 
  • QR code via camera 

For users who might be out of network coverage, HOTPin can send an additional OTP at time of successful logon. This OTP can be stored on the users’ device for subsequent use. 

Hardware tokens 

HOTPin can be purchased with hard tokens for users as needed. 

  • OATH compliant 
  • HOTP (event-based) 
  • 6 digit OTPs 

Third-party hardware tokens 

HOTPin supports any HOTP-compliant hardware token 

  • OATH compliant 
  • HOTP (event-based) 
  • 6 digit OTPs 

This allows interoperability and ease of migration. 

Quick Installation 

Installation and deployment are designed to be simple. 

  • Award-winning COMET interface 
  • Embedded RADIUS server 
  • LCD display and jog dial (for appliances) 
  • Built-in database 
  • AD synchronization for user management 

Self-service portal 

  • End users can provision themselves, import their own keys and reset their PIN if required, without having to go through the IT helpdesk. 
  • Reduce IT help desk costs 
  • Enhanced user experience 
  • Higher adoption and user satisfaction 
  • QR provisioning 

HOTPin soft tokens users can import the token keys by scanning a QR code from the self-service portal. 

Comprehensive Reporting 

A comprehensive reporting engine provides complete visibility. 

  • Provide visibility to management 
  • Enforce and monitor compliance 
  • Automated report generation and delivery 


HOTPin server, a self-service portal, and soft token application can be customized to promote corporate branding.