Organizations may wonder whether an appliance provides worthwhile advantages over deploying a generic Windows Server 2019 white box. While Server 2019 offers a host of connectivity features, most companies don’t have specialized or in-depth knowledge regarding best configuration practices for the features that are now included. To help IT departments handle an ever-increasing scope of services, reducing complexity while maintaining security is essential to advance organizational goals. Celestix strives to deliver high value to our customers. Our appliances save installation time, ease configuration tasks, and reduce licensing costs. They are hardened for security and undergo extensive, purpose-specific testing. Celestix also adds functionality not available in standard Server 2019 deployments. Imminent product releases will provide a wealth of additional features that will continue to return on connectivity investments.


Deploying complex connectivity customizations without specific experience or with limited time actually increases organizational risk for information security. The Celestix E Series appliance provides a more secure, cost-efficient deployment option.

Setup Simplicity

Our appliances offer onboard setup tools using an LED screen and Jog Dial. Administrators can configure the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and static routes in minutes, without the need for a keyboard, mouse, or monitor. The platform also features a compact appliance form factor, allowing our devices to be mounted in any standard 19” equipment rack. Hardware-integrated disaster recovery is also included.

Centralized Administration

The E Series includes the new Comet 2.5 web user interface (web UI). The web UI centralizes general Windows Server administration and Remote Access (RA) configuration, so administrators can go to one place to customize the deployment. One click installation for several RA features relieves the tedious task of installing features one by one. Administrative efficiency can offset appliance costs by saving IT staff hours.

Tuned Hardware

Celestix hardware has undergone extensive testing, and minimizes the attack surface by engineering just the services and applications that are necessary for security and connectivity. Hardware is hardened based on expertise gained through years of experience in networking security.

Access Multiplicity

Every organization is different, there is no one size fits all scheme for remote access. The E Series provides for multiple access scenarios and the supporting functions they require. Secure access strategies can include managed/unmanaged devices, application publishing, and facilitation for public and private cloud connectivity.

Expanded Functionality

The E Series improves upon current Windows Server 2019 functionality with exclusive features. Reporting, alerting, and monitoring tools both simplify daily management and support compliance requirements. Real-time connection management provides greater control over user access to resources.

Future Ready

Future enhancements can be added through updates to both Remote Access and the Comet platform. Examples include virtualization, SSO enhancements, and forms-based authentication. By allowing organizations to leverage new features, the E Series continues to provide value for the investment.

Celestix Brand

Our appliances have a proven track record in the security industry. Celestix has over 20 years of experience providing 24×7 support for tens of thousands of appliances to thousands of customers worldwide – all backed with comprehensive SLAs.  Since 2022, Celestix works with Dell EMC to deliver Microsoft Alway on VPN and Celestix Secure Access on Dell R Series appliances.  

Celestix SecureAccess E Series Appliance

Models E3600 E6600 E8600
Form Factor 1U 1U 1U
Type of Business Designed for small to mid-sized enterprises Designed for large and multinational enterprises Designed for large and multinational enterprises
Recommended Users Below 500 concurrent users 500 to 3,000 concurrent users Up to 7,000 concurrent users
Appliance Software Celestix Comet 2.20.0 Celestix Comet 2.20.0 Celestix Comet 2.20.0
Operating System Windows Server 2019 (Hardened) Windows Server 2019 (Hardened) Windows Server 2019 (Hardened)
CPU Intel Xeon E-2314 2.8GHz, 8M Cache, Intel Xeon E-2324G 3.1GHz, 8M Cache TBA
Memory 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB
Hard Drive SATA-III Hard Drive 2 x SAS hot-swappable hard drive 4 x SAS hot-swappable hard drive
Disk Mirror RAID RAID 1 RAID 10
Gigabit Ethernet Ports 6 6 6
Trusted Platform Module  2.0 V3  2.0 V3  2.0 V3
Power Supply 450W auto-switching universal 110/220V AC power supply 2 x 900W redundant auto-switching universal AC power supply 2 x 900W redundant auto-switching universal AC power supply
Dimensions (H x W x L) 1.68″ (4.28cm) Height x 18.97″ (48.2cm) Width x 23.56″ (59.86cm) Length 1.70″ (4.28cm) Height x 17.09″ (43.4cm) Depth x 22.44″ (57.02cm) Length 1.70″ (4.28cm) Height x 17.09″ (43.4cm) Depth x 22.44″ (57.02cm) Length