Deploying complex connectivity customizations without specific experience or with limited time actually increases Organizational risk for information security. The Celestix SecureAccess appliance provides a more secure, cost-efficient deployment option.

Setup Simplicity

Administrators can configure the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and static routes in minutes using a web browser, without the need for a keyboard, mouse, or monitor. Deployment options include appliance, virtual appliance and Amazon Web Services.

Centralized Administration

The SecureAccess includes the HTML5-based management console, which is cross-platform friendly and enables remote management using any browser on any device. The web UI centralizes general Windows Server administration and Remote Access (RA) configuration, so administrators can go to one place to customize the deployment. Administrative efficiency can offset appliance costs by saving IT staff hours.


  • Always On VPN
  • Remote Access Dashboard Client
  • Usage Information Client Diagnostics and Management
  • Alerting & Monitoring
  • Remote Access Kill Switch
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Unified Remote Access
  • 2FA/MFA Support
  • Windows Logon (Optional)

Seamless Multi-factor Authentication Integration

Celestix MFA multi-factor authentication integrates seamlessly out-of-the-box with the Celestix SecureAccess platform to provide a simple solution to complex password requirements and maximizes security.

Trusted Platform

Our platform has undergone extensive testing, and minimizes the attack surface by engineering just the services and applications that are necessary for security and connectivity. OS is hardened based on expertise gained through years of experience in networking security.

Access Multiplicity

Every Organization is different, there is no “one size fits all” scheme for remote access. Celestix SecureAccess provides for multiple access scenarios and the supporting functions they require. Secure access strategies can include managed/unmanaged devices, application publishing, and facilitation for public and private cloud connectivity.

Expanded Functionality

Celestix SecureAccess improves upon current Server 20xx functionality with exclusive features. Reporting, alerting, and monitoring tools both simplify daily management and support compliance requirements. Real-time connection management provides greater control over user access to resources.

More Client Coverage

The innovative SecureAccess feature gives both Windows Professional and Mac users the seamless, transparent Always On VPN experience that Windows Enterprise have enjoyed for years. Remote users automatically connect to the office network when they have an Internet connection.


  • Unified Remote Access:
    • DirectAccess provides secure always-on connectivity for Windows
      8/8.1/10 Enterprise
      Enterprise clients
    • SecureAccess provides secure always-on connectivity for Windows
      8/8.1/10 Enterprise
      Professional clients & Mac OSX
  • Remote Access “Kill Switch”
  • Remote Desktop Gateway for full remote desktop connectivity
  • Unified Remote Access Dashboard
  • Enhanced reporting
  • DirectAccess/SecureAccess client diagnostics and Client Management
  • Alerting and Monitoring
  • Web Application Proxy for secure on-premises web site access and identify federation
  • Work Folders enable your users to sync their work files from a corporate server to supported devices