Web Application Firewall

Attack Vector

Cymulate’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) vector challenges your WAF security resilience to web payloads and assists in protecting your web apps from future attacks.

Web applications, including consumer-facing applications and enterprise apps, have become a central business component, and huge amounts of money and effort are spent protecting them. This has become complicated since web apps have grown from just a few business applications to a multitude of backend web apps, SaaS apps and other cloud-delivered solutions.

Furthermore, the number and diversity of threats continues to increase, from advanced malware to web-specific application-layer attacks, as well as denial and distributed denial of service (DoS, DDoS) attacks and security-induced usability issues. Regarding security, organizations rely on WAF for protecting their web apps. These days, it is very easy for cybercriminals and novice black hats to find all sorts of automated attack tools online. With such tools, all they need to do is insert a URL address as the target and launch their attack. A successful attack can bring down a website that is used to generate revenue for the organization. Every minute the website is down costs the organization a lot of money, impacts its credibility and translates into business loss. A notorious example is the infamous Equifax breach that was caused by an application vulnerability (Apache Struts) in one of its websites affecting over 140 million consumers.

With Cymulate’s WAF attack simulation, you can check if your WAF configuration, implementation and features are able to block payloads before they get anywhere near your web applications. The platform simulates an attacker who tries to bypass your organization’s WAF and reaches the web application, after which they attempt to perform malicious actions such as mining sensitive information, inflicting damage and forwarding users to infected websites using applicative attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL and command injections.

At the end of each WAF attack simulation, or other simulation vector, a Cymulate Risk Score is provided, indicating the organization’s exposure, along with other KPI metrics and actionable guidelines to fine-tune controls and close security gaps.

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