V-OS Mobile App Identity

Building a Digital Trust Ecosystem.

Multi-Layered Security For Crypto Keys Protection


App Run-Time Tampering Protection


MITM Attack Prevention For Data-In-Transit


Protection Of Cloud API Calls From Spoofing Attacks


Stronger Public Key Cryptography Using RSA/SHA256


Signing And Decryption Using Unique App Private Key

Zero Trust strategy requires app identity

V-Key's V-OS App Identity solution creates a secure element for each app, ensuring easy trust establishment and verification between apps on the same or different devices. The solution is based on the Zero Trust Strategy which emphasizes "never trust, always verify".

Zero Trust and the Trust Gap Issue

V-Key found a design flaw called the Trust Gap that lets hackers exploit app security even if the phone's Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) is used. The flaw is more pronounced in jailbroken/ rooted devices & models with privilege escalation vulnerabilities. The vulnerability shows that secure security architectures are no longer safe, as the app and TEE must be treated as separate endpoints requiring mutual trust verification.

Ensuring Mutual Trust Between Apps

V-Key's V-OS App Identity solution creates an app-based secure element that establishes trust between apps and endpoints. This allows for trusted communication channels between apps on the same device or across different devices, even for server applications.

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