V-OS Mobile App Protection

V-OS Protects Mobile Apps From Threats and Prevents Security Breaches in Insecure Mobile OS Environments.

Probabilistic threat detection and mitigation


Threat intelligence reporting


Threat analysis


Rooted & jailbreak detection

What is V-OS Mobile App Protection?

V-Key's V-OS Mobile App Protection is a multi-layered, mobile-first solution specifically designed to prevent attackers from gaining insight into your source code and modify or extract valuable information from it.

Multi-layed Security For Potential Risks

V-OS Mobile App Protection uses multiple techniques to provide true cybersecurity. The Virtual secure element is the core, with individual layers targeting different attack vectors. These layers work together to eliminate risks.

Control Usage of Application

Geo and time fencing configurations can be done via V-OS Mobile App Protection server allowing enterprises to limit app use to certain geographies and time windows.

Code Obfuscation

Traditional tamper-protection relies on techniques such as code obfuscation, white-box cryptography, and anti-tampering / anti-debugging mechanisms. Built on top of V-OS Virtual secure element, V-OS Mobile App Protection tightly integrates these best-of-breed techniques into the V-OS virtual machine to create a threat-aware protection system.

Customizable Threat Response

V-OS Mobile App Protection allows configurable options for various threat categories as to how SDK should react to the threats upon detection. All such options can be dynamically updated over the air as well.

Simple, Powerful, Intelligent Admin Dashboards

The App Protection SDK secures mobile apps and sends data to the V-OS Mobile App Protection Server. This allows quick threat identification and compliance reporting. The V-OS APS helps maintain up-to-date security policies by pushing security updates to the App Protection SDK.

Globally Certified

V-OS is the world's first Virtual Secure Element to be FIPS 140-2 (US NIST), Common Criteria EAL3+, and SOC 2 certified. 

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Connect, Deploy, and Get Protected in Minutes

V-Key’s V-OS Mobile App Protection shields your mobile apps from external threats like reverse engineering, tampering, and API exploits by using Runtime Application Self-Protection technology (RASP). It is a multi-layered solution that uses V-OS Virtual Secure Element to protect your apps’ source code and valuable information from attackers. This protection is available on Android, iOS, and HarmonyOS, even on rooted or jail-broken devices. Protect your business, your customers, and your bottom line with V-Key’s V-OS Mobile App Protection.

Available in two formats as a full-featured SDK (Mobile App Protection SDK) or as a light-weight app wrapper (V-OS App Shield) that can secure an app in minutes.

The Mobile App Protection SDK offers app developers a secure solution for Android, iOS, and HarmonyOS devices. It has configurable options to prevent threats and provide reports. An administrative dashboard ensures up-to-date security.

Mobile App Protection Features (SDK)

V-OS App Shield

V-Key’s OS App Shield is an easy-to-use codeless protection tool, available for Android. For Basic App Shield, upload your APK or IPA file, V-Key applies code obfuscation and app shielding, then simply download the protected file. Premium Shield includes additional features such as V-OS App Protection server access and advanced shielding options.

V-OS For Mobile Banking

By 2024, digital banking users will increase to 3.6 billion. To stay competitive, banks are moving towards a digital-first strategy. However, mobile security threats are also increasing, so banks must prioritize raising digital identity and mobile authentication standards while minimizing costs. This requires an evolution from the costly hardware-based security paradigm.

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