Third-party Risk Management

Reduce your enterprise’s third-party risks. Use Cyber Sierra’s TPRM to evaluate, mitigate and monitor your vendor risks.

How does TPRM with Cyber Sierra work?

Cyber Sierra's TPRM program enables enterprises to assess, mitigate, and oversee risks from third-party vendors.

  • Identify third-party risks

    Gain insight into the key risks associated with third-party vendors and develop an understanding of how to identify them

  • Remediate & manage vendor risks

    Implement a structured framework to evaluate, assess, and automate your third-party risk management processes

  • Prioritize your vendor inventory

    Categorize vendors by risk level to allocate resources efficiently and prioritize high-risk vendors for focused attention

  • Continuously monitor all your vendors

    Get near real-time 24*7 visibility of all your vendors’ security compliance with alerts and correction actions on a need basis


  • Reduce costs

    Mitigate the risk of costly security incidents, regulatory fines, and legal disputes related to third-party vulnerabilities by identifying and addressing risks proactively.

  • Ensure business continuity

    Enhance supply chain resilience, minimize disruptions, and ensure business continuity by effectively managing potential third-party risks

  • Adopt security best practices

    Enforce industry-leading security practices and proactively monitor vendor risks for comprehensive security oversight

  • Uplift your vendor ecosystem

    Elevate your vendor ecosystem through heightened security standards, security awareness, and compliance with specific requirements and best practices


Real-time Insights, Real-time Protection

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Financial Services

Our TPRM program addresses the needs of banks, asset management companies, and Insurtech enterprises in managing internal controls detecting anomalies, and ensuring compliance with financial regulation 

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Our TPRM program is designed for Hospitals and health-tech enterprises providing comprehensive third-party risk management capabilities tailored to the unique requirements of the healthcare industry.

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Energy and Utilities

For Energy and utilities industry,  our TPTM program enables effective risk management of third-party contractors, suppliers, and service providers, ensuring the security and resilience of critical infrastructure.

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Retail and E-commerce

For the retail and e-commerce sector, our TPRM program helps manage third-party risks associated with suppliers, logistics providers, and payment processors, ensuring data security and compliance.

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Technology and Software

Our TPRM program assists technology and software companies in evaluating and mitigating third-party risks associated with vendors, cloud providers, and data hosting facilities, safeguarding intellectual property and maintaining software integrity.

What do you get with Cyber Sierra’s CCM?


Vendor Risk Assessment


Vendor Due Diligence


Vendor Onboarding & Offboarding


Ongoing Vendor Monitoring


Vendor Relationship Management


Supply Chain Risk Management


Compliance and Audit Management


Board and Executive Reporting

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