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V-OS Cloud Overview

What is V-OS?

V-OS is the world’s first virtual secure element that uses advanced cryptographic and cybersecurity protections to comply with standards previously reserved only for expensive hardware solutions. V-OS enables digital leaders to create powerful customer experiences that combine high security and delightful convenience. Globally certified, V-OS individualizes Trusted Apps on your device and protects user keys from cyber threats.

V-OS Cloud Overview
Fig 1: V-OS Cloud Overview

What is V-OS Cloud?

V-OS Cloud is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution basing on V-OS, the virtual secure element of V-Key, a global leader in software-based digital security.

The cloud platform provides operational efficiency in the deployment of Trusted Identity services. It also optimizes the cost of implementation and maintenance and focuses on ensuring usability on any IOS or Android device.

V-OS Cloud is always updated with the latest version of every solution available in V-Key’s Software Suite with no additional cost for setup, operation, and maintenance of both mobile apps and servers.

V-OS Cloud is designed with user experience in mind and offers an interactive and guided setup, easy onboarding process, and more to help organizations of any size to implement the services with peace of mind.

V-OS Cloud Trusted Identity Services
Fig 2: V-OS Cloud Trusted Identity Services

V-OS Cloud Services

V-OS Cloud Services includes:

  • Services as Platform-as-a-service:
    • V-OS App Protection
    • V-OS PKI Smart Token
    • V-OS Messaging
    • V-OS eKYC
  • Software-as-a-service:
    • 2FA Service for VPN/RADIUS
    • 2FA Service for Office 365 (O365)/SAML
    • V-Key Authenticator

With PaaS options, V-OS Cloud provides the high-available and secured V-OS App Protection, V-OS PKI Token, and V-OS eKYC solutions for you to integrate into your organization’s environments quickly. To get onboard these options, contact us at [email protected] to subscribe to the Enterprise plan. More details on the Enterprise plan, see V-OS Cloud Portal.

With SaaS options, V-OS Cloud provides 2FA Services, authenticate through the V-Key app, to secure access to VPN or cloud applications of organization with existing directory credentials (like Microsoft Active Directory or OpenLDAP accounts).

V-OS Cloud 2FA Service for VPN/RADIUS lets you securely access your organization’s network by authenticating through the existing directory (like Microsoft Active Directory or OpenLDAP accounts) using the RADIUS protocol, such as SonicWall SRA.

V-OS Cloud 2FA Service for O365/SAML2.0 secures access to cloud applications with your existing directory credentials (like Microsoft Active Directory or OpenLDAP accounts) using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 authentication standard. SAML delegates authentication from a Microsoft Office 365 server to V-OS Cloud Identity Management and is used for single sign-on (SSO) solutions.

V-OS Cloud provides many generic connectors, such as SAML connector, RADIUS connector, and directory connector so that your organization can enable 2FA service to any enterprise cloud applications or any SAML2.0 service providers, RADIUS servers, or any directory service.

V-OS Cloud 2FA Services
Fig 3: V-OS Cloud 2FA Services

2FA services are available through V-OS Cloud Identity Management (V-OS Cloud IDM) and V-Key app. Protected VPN or cloud applications redirect your users to the V-OS Cloud IDM server on V-OS Cloud. V-OS Cloud IDM acts as a RADIUS proxy or a SAML identity provider (IdP), authenticating your users using your existing primary authentication source for credential verification, and then prompting for 2nd factor authentication with V-Key app before permitting access to the SAML application or VPN network.

V-Key app is bulit-in authenticator that benefits from V-OS powers (the first world’s virtual secure element) and be customizable UI according to your organisation’s brand specifictly. It is avaialble on both Android and iOS platforms and free of charge. You can click on the applicable link or scan the QR code to start the installation:

2FA Service for O365/SAMLLogin to your SAML-protocol enabled services (e.g., Office 365) with 2nd factor authentication through V-Key app.
2FA Service for VPN/RADIUSAccess to your RADIUS-protocol enabled services (e.g., VPN) with 2nd factor authentication through the V-Key app.
Push AuthenticationAuthenticate transactions through secure/encrypted push notification through the V-Key app.
Forum supportAccess to premium support options such as via phone or email channels.
White Label AppCustomize the V-Key app’s theme (available on App Store and Play Store) to adhere to your corporate brand style.
OIDC/FIDO2Perform client authentication based on OIDC (OpenID Connect) and FIDO2 standard protocols.
Threat IntelligenceV-OS Cloud App Protection Server consolidates threat intel from various sources inside the database for in-depth analysis and training of threat detection engine.
Facial AuthenticationPerform 2nd factor authentication through Facial Biometrics on V-Key app.
Phone/Email SupportAccess to premium support options such as via phone call or email.
Malware PolicyConfigure malware and threat response policy from server and over-the-air (OTA) update on the mobile device.
Root/Jail Break PoliciesConfigure root/jailbreak threat response policy from server and OTA update on the mobile device.
Integrate with Custom AppIntegrate V-Key SDK to your custom mobile app.
App ProtectionProtect the critical functions of your custom mobile app from threats such as tampering, malware, overlay attack, reverse engineering, etc.
On-Premise DeploymentDeploy selected server components on-premise instead of using cloud servers only.
24/7 SupportAccess to 24×7 premium support channel.